The God Awful Truth

Discussion points of the impacts of Prostate cancer

The three 8’s  (the 3 things that it devastates on a man)

1. Urinate
2. Procreate
3. Ejaculate

These items include: the fact that this condition usually had to be treated on one of two ways really (especially stages 3 and 4. Radiation/chemo or Surgery) oh, and add to the “Hormone Therapy”, which is a fancy medical term for chemical castration. They literally inject you with a chemical that shuts off the hypothalamus gland in your brain and your testosterone production stops immediately…and lasts in 3 to 4 month increments. Also not in the literature are topics (that become realities by the way) like impotence (no erections) that can last for months or for the rest of your life!!! A condition like incontinence (pissing yourself) that can last from months to the rest of your life! How about that if you have the surgery that you are now instantly sterile for the rest of your life (and this is non-negotiable) even if you don’t have the surgery and you have the radiation/chemo route you can still fall into this category and unfortunately most do! Then, there is the concept that punches you in the face called the “dry orgasm” meaning you “can” have the feelings of an orgasm…but nothing comes out of you (because the gland which produces everything is either removed in the surgery or it is totally damaged in the harsh radiation sessions) How the hell does any man wrap his head around ANY of that??!!! Visit our Social Media Pages here to spread the word or Join our Team.


Honest and straight

This video is my friend and one of the original StrongMembers telling the story of his diagnosis of prostate cancer and how difficult it can be as you enter your journey and then have to tell your loved ones what is happening.  As you watch these videos you realize how deep the impact is on the person that has to handle the diagnosis.



The 3 “alities”  (the 3 things you will wrestle with)

1. Causality
2. Mortality
3. Fatality

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