Gary’s Story

Pic of survivor Gary

Gary was diagnosed with prostate cancer in late 2011. It was one of the worst things and hardest to deal with I had ever faced. I had a rising PSA for several years and one day it just spiked. Continuous PSA testing for everyone on a yearly basis is best thing we can do. Saved me by catching it early enough to do something about it.
When you have a diagnosis and have to do something about it make sure you get a doctor that deals on a regular basis with surgery or radiation or what ever method you choose. Research. Research. Research. An experienced doctor is essential. I found a really good rising star surgeon in St. Louis. He specialized in robotic surgery and has done thousands of successful operations. Under robotic surgery with a top notch doctor it is a breeze of a surgery. Couple weeks with a catheter and you are off to the races. I had minimal pain and healed quickly. Was back working 22 days after the surgery.
This is not a death sentence if you catch it early and go to a good doctor. Don’t wait or delay. Get it taken care of and you will be fine. I  almost five years past my surgery… the magic number.