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Only after I entered this journey was I able to just “run into” other men who were afflicted with the same thing. Prostate cancer. Some were athletes like me others were in many walks of life and surprisingly some much younger than me…but the common denominator was the suffering associated with men’s prostate cancer and the toll it takes, not only on you…but your loved ones and anyone else you are closely associated with. I felt the call to find more and more people to get their story out there and convince society in general to no longer see it as the “old man’s disease”…and to raise a movement for Prostate cancer awareness and the much needed education. Please share your story with me and others as we build a community of people who not only want the age of testing changed but can also find comfort in hearing that someone else had a struggle or a triumph with the same thing. Donate now to help all the men sharing their stories here of surviving prostate cancer.

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When you upload your pics please upload 2.  One of you (of course) and one of you giving your best “F**K YOU to cancer.  (you and your family giving the finger of you holding a sign…), literally whatever best gives cancer the message, please upload to us.  You will all then be featured on the StrongMembers section of our site and our other social media platforms.  This is going to be awesome!

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