Support the cause! Donate to StrongBone. We are a Denver Colorado based non-profit organization. We operate solely on donations and will hold events and do speaking engagements as funding allows so please feel free to contact us and share a story or participate in any way you wish to help out. This is all to raise prostate cancer awareness and bring the spotlight onto the medical and social landscape for prostate cancer research and early diagnosis.  We are determined to get the age of testing lowered for men by the medical community.  50 yrs. old for many, is too late.

When you donate to StrongBone you are joining to not only create prostate cancer awareness, but to promote the long overdue media attention that it deserves, and you are giving the organization the ability to knock on the doors of the medical industry to CHANGE the age in which men are tested for prostate cancer.
Thank you for your willingness to participate!