Training on Low-T

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Training on low testosterone

Let me be clear…training on very low or NO testosterone is no joke!  It sucks!  First of all you will feel like garbage most of the time whether you are in the gym or not.  Before my surgery frequently I was at my lowest at about 210 (and didn’t feel all that great) and due to all the men’s clinics that can make testosterone very available I was told (and had NO idea) that cancer prospers in a testosterone rich environment…which sucks for most weight lifters…and then before my actual procedure they let it fall to 30 and kept it there!  I have to say…that was even worse to feel that tired and lethargic and have just no mojo at all!

It occurred to me at that point…”I wonder how many men have sought help for low-T and have been given testosterone to help them but have had the start or early stage of prostate cancer and didn’t know and actually made the situation worse without knowing.  This is just another reason that men should be able to get tested earlier (way before 50) or be able to just simply “ask” to be tested. Prostate cancer is one of those silent things that is tied to everything about a man and yet there are almost no symptoms.

So, back to training.  You have NO energy and worst of all (most bodybuilders will totally understand this) you have NO horse power.  You also will notice a soreness that just seems to stay and hang on.  Then there are those “crash” days where you will literally just sleep all day and still be tired when you finally get up.  You will also notice your recovery sucks.  My joints and my connective tissue just hurt and felt weak for days after a hard training session.

You will end up training on just sheer will and determination and you will fell every bit of the struggle to get through your session.  This sounds all alpha male and all…but let me assure you it is no easy task.  You do feel rewarded and a sense of accomplishment after you train and I even got to the point where I would just expect a crash day and just accept it and stay home and sleep and not beat myself up about it.  Your prostate cancer recovery may differ than mine however the common denominator of low-T or NO-T is going to be universal. Donate Now to support anyone going through something similar.