About Us

StrongBone started with a simple vision…Lower the age at which men are tested for prostate cancer. It was mind blowing to be diagnosed with this disease at a “young” age and find out that I most likely had it close to 10 years!!!! I then met someone younger than me who had an even worse diagnosis. It was out of those terrible moments that I began a desperate search to find info and ramifications and also try to find others that I could ask about prostate cancer and the effects and found “very little” information. In the prostate cancer awareness realm everything was too scattered.

When it comes to the immediate effects and then the long term effects of this type of cancer, I could not believe how much of the information was not easily accessible. So, we want to change that and have a Non-Profit company for “dudes” so, not only can we form bonds, but effect change in the industry while we are doing it. We want to move the spotlight onto prostate cancer and all the men’s cancer issues that it holds. I would like to see more than just prostate cancer awareness…I would like to see actual change! We seem to know a lot about other cancers in a social setting. Yet, this has always been looked at as “the old man’s disease”. But what do you tell the widow of a 38 year old who has passed away from this? What do you tell athletes who are in shape and have eaten correctly and taken the best care of themselves and are diagnosed late stage? Welcome to StrongBone.org

During my personal journey as I was putting together the idea that would launch the non-profit, it was as if God had moved just the right people into my life in terms of finding the right people to sit on the board of directors and the very talented people who have helped with web site design and video shoots and editing. The Board of StrongBone is made up of professionals who not only understand the vision but share in the burden to want to create real change in the medical and social landscape of how prostate cancer is viewed, diagnosed and treated and the services for men that are available in the journey.

We are a Denver Colorado based  501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. We operate on donations and will hold events and do speaking engagements as funding allows so please feel free to contact us, donate or share a story and participate in any way you wish to help out.