The StrongBone Organization

Welcome to  A place where awareness will be raised for men’s cancer (prostate and testicular) to change the very landscape and conventional medical wisdom of men waiting to get checked at 50yrs old and of the stigma of it being the “old man’s disease”.

Just as the amazing Susan G. Komen has made a movement for women’s breast cancer, a voice needs to be made and heard on behalf of men.  As we know, cancer does not only affect the person diagnosed with it, but also anyone close to them especially the spouse and kids.  It’s time to stop having little to NO information not only about “what is prostate cancer”, but what are the terrible ramifications and the awful decisions that men are then faced with making. It does change you.  It does change your life.  It does change the life of your loved ones. Learn more on the The God Awful Truth or Tell Your Story to spread awareness. Come with us in this movement to force awareness and make a difference and even form some new bonds.